Pioneering Excellence in Cleaning Solutions:

   Leading the Regional Market with a Comprehensive Range of Cleaning          Equipment, Machinery, and Floor Preparation Tools.



Cleaning equipment supplier, cleaning machinery and floor preparationn thrughout the south arabia


Delivering a diverse selection of professional and industrial cleaning equipment, we cater to facilities maintenance companies and cleaning contractors. Backed by a robust aftersales service team, our commitment ensures lasting support.


“Explore our range of industrial and commercial scrubber dryers, sweepers, and a diverse portfolio of smaller equipment like vacuum cleaners, single disc machines, high-pressure washers, and carpet extractors. Complemented by a comprehensive janitorial range for professional cleaning needs.”



Setting the Standard in Service:

Inaugurated in 2020, our cutting-edge service center for cleaning and grinding equipment at KSA Investment Park reflects our commitment to service excellence. MIAS boasts a total of 6 service centers , Saudi Arabia,. With the largest staff count, our service department remains a top priority as we consistently invest in enhancing our after-sales support.

Your Trusted Partner in South Arabia: MIAS is your go-to resource for sales support, service, training, and warehousing in South Arabia., we maintain offices, showrooms, and service centers. Our dedicated team of over 100 professionals ensures that MIAS is your premier supplier of cleaning equipment, offering top-notch cleaning machinery and floor preparation solutions in the region.”

“Global Brands, Local Expertise

With over 25 years of experience, we proudly represent leading international manufacturers in the region. Our meticulously curated portfolio ensures a match between cutting-edge cleaning equipment and your project requirements and budget. From heavy-duty industrial cleaning gear to professional commercial equipment and cleaning supplies, we’ve got you covered.

In the construction sector, our division has held the market leader position for over a decade, specializing in floor preparation and grinding equipment. We work closely with regional flooring specialists to deliver exceptional solutions.

Efficient Logistics and Distribution


“Efficient Logistics and Distribution

Operating warehouses in the Saudi Arabia, we ensure swift deliveries and a seamless supply of cleaning equipment and floor preparation tools throughout the region.”